Hi, Im Helga the maker behind Mama Dulce creations. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that chocolate makes everything better and everyone happy.

Since I was a kid, I remember my mum making chocolates at home and how I loved watching her. I grew up with that amazing smell in the house and all the fun and hardworking involved was always in my memory.

The sweet tooth is definitely in our family. My dad told me his dad, my grandfather, had a candy factory when he was a kid, how interesting is that?! I look that as a sign!!

Mama Dulce started with a passion for creating, for chocolate and for the great memories I have from my childhood.  

For events, special occasions, or for a little bit of chocolate happiness, Mama Dulce is here for you.


Image by Etty Fidele


Making Happiness, one chocolate at a time

Chocolate Bean to Bar

100% Handcrafted Chocolate Bars created with the finest fairtrade ingredients. 
Offered in 3 special flavours.

coca tea
Cocoa Tea

Our specialty tea brings the delightful cocoa flavour and benefits to our recipies. They are created with premium ingredients and pack on a  pretty compostable bag.
We offer four tea mixes.  Check it out!

Chocolate Fudge

Our gourmet chocolate fudges are indulgent and perfect sized.
We offer three flavours in a dome size.


Where all the fun is!

Our cakesicles are made to order in 2 flavours, but so many different decorations!


Our panning process is all handmade and brings all the rustic and sophistication to our nuts range

Chunk of Chocolates
Seasonal Products

Our Seasonal Products are planned and executed just for you. We bring different range of yumminess to the most important dates of the year.

Don't miss out!

Pink Sugar

Find us at YOUR LOCALS, Highpoint. A collective makers store, with 19 different brands. 

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120-200 Rosamond Road, Level 2 (on the side of The Reject Store)
VIC 3032